Planning for life after high school is confusing. Students do not like asking for help at school, and parents do not feel equipped to guide the process alone. Students are busier than ever and do not always have time to access college and career planning support when the school offers it. Students have varying levels of readiness for college, and some may prefer privatized support during evenings, weekends, and summertime. International, online, homeschooled, and other nontraditional students may not have access to a school counselor at all. First-generation students are at a significant disadvantage because their parents cannot provide advising at home. Even parents and siblings who previously applied to college are not adequately equipped to advise students because of the rapidly evolving admissions landscape. Students have lost belief in and enthusiasm for the college process. They no longer trust that institutions have students’ best interests at heart. Success in the college application process now represents relief instead of celebration, and students are feeling increasingly disenfranchised.


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EdXeno is an EdTech platform that connects higher education institutions with students like never before through instant messaging, push notifications, and live streaming. Students, through a mobile app, receive college application advising, locate college planning resources, and explore universities.


We worked with EdXeno to build two native applications, a native iOS application, a responsive web app, and a robust management portal. Since launching, EdXeno has catapulted and received overwhelmingly positive feedback.

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