Ekso Bionics


Our client needed to coherently tie a patient story to their technology’s unique capabilities and celebrate a significant milestone in their company’s evolution. Additionally, our client was required to revamp its digital & social media strategy entirely.


Digital Strategy

Social Media Management

Content Creation

Video Production

Research & Insights

Data Analytics


Developed and helped maintain a social media strategy, and increased MQL generation. Empowered our client to utilize content resulting in increased credibility with prospective new clients.


Developed social media strategy from the ground up and successfully executed plan leading to a 130% increase in marketing qualified leads over six months. Responsible for go-to-market and social media strategy behind EksoNR product launch. We conducted high-level market research for the executive team and completely revamped data inside the company's Salesforce platform. Analyzed trends in customer data to refine business processes involved with securing new clients.

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