building for the future

A new model for building companies.

We co-found, create, and launch new companies dedicated to a brighter future.  We work with startups to build their product, launch their brand, connect with their audience, and grow their revenue.

01 — Ideation

It could be our idea. It could be your idea.

Either way, we test if it's a world-changing, venture-scale company that customers love.

02 — Validation

Every idea we work on sounds good at first. But nine out of ten aren't.

We know this because we track it. We put an idea through its paces, testing customer demand, technical feasibility, business model, unit economics, market dynamics, investor interest, and more. We benchmark every idea against the performance of our past ideas to determine if it's worth our time—and yours.

03 — Creation

When an idea is a good one, it’s time to move. Fast.

Our team of designers, engineers, data scientists, marketers, and company builders turn a validated concept into a real product in market.

04 — Spinout

Great companies require extraordinary people and smart capital.

Our spinout process is the best method we know of to get a company off the ground, staffed up, and funded by great venture investors as fast as humanly possible.

05 — Scale Up

We’ll take care of the boring stuff.

Focus is the lifeblood of an early-stage company. Our recruiting, legal, and finance teams, along with our relationships with top service providers, allow founders to keep their eyes squarely on building the business.


What do you invest in?

We're deeply committed to investing in Gen-Z entrepreneurs who are fervently pursuing positive change. Our primary focus is on early-stage tech startups, and we take an active role in both leading and participating in pre-seed and seed funding rounds. Our mission is not just to invest, but to wholeheartedly support and propel the groundbreaking visions of the next generation.

What don't you invest in?

We love technology, but we won’t invest in categories like energy, or pharma. We know what we’re good at. Those aren’t it.

What is the relationship between the Venture Studio and Agency?

They are separate entities with separate operations, but overlapping leadership and support teams.

Apply to the MORR Fund

We empower Gen-Z entrepreneurs committed to positive change. Specializing in early-stage ventures, we collaborate on marketing, innovation, and impactful product design.

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