Mind The Class


MORR developed coaching & consulting services to help Mind The Class. We crafted a valuable offer to effectively reach their target audience, primarily composed of those in educational systems. In addition, we implemented strategic prospecting & sales strategies to secure their first contract.


Digital Strategy

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Web Development


Logo Design

Social Media Management

Content Creation

Marketing Consulting


MORR created a brand identity that visually set itself apart from the competition. We did so by focusing on a brand strategy, ensuring that individuals are constantly engaged on a personable level. The strategy consisted of a brand new website, a brand film, a press kit, a podcast, an e-book, a social media strategy, a brand strategy, a series of product launches, and a series of planned social media campaigns.


Streamlined overall content creation and social media management process, resulting in higher efficiencies and enhanced output, strategized on scalable growth strategies and empowered client to utilize content resulting in increased credibility with prospective new clients. They implemented prospecting and sales strategy to attract new clients. Successfully launched a pilot program and attracted new clients, new website, SEO strategy, new brand photos, brand film, social media strategy, and plenty of tools, templates, and resources to utilize.

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